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The biggest challenge is to gain the trust of citizens. The counting of votes at a polling station is comprehensible for everyone, storing the votes in central server is not.
(Johann Hahlen, Bundeswahlleiter and President of the Statistisches Bundesamt , on 18 September 2001 at the German Internet Congress in Karlsruhe)

The blockchain technology, which is adopted from the digital currency Bitcoin, could solve the central problem of transparency in online elections. Unlike the old server-client-architectures used for online  voting previously, the core of block chain technology with a distributed database, whose integrity is ensured by cryptographic hash algorithms, provides transparency for every node within the network.

But blockchains doesn't face most of the other challenges, political elections have.:

  • voters anonymity;
  • only eligible voters may cast votes;
  • ballot boxes cannot been manipulated;
  • and many other.

To find solutions to these challenges, the Blockchain Voting Organisation was founded in April 2016.


The development activities include three projects:

  1. The core: the Blockchain-Protocol,
  2. A Web based Organizing Platform (WOP),
  3. A voting client.

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The source code of blockchain client "Multichain" is now available.

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